Sinnissippi Tuath Grove

Norse Yule Rite 2016


On Saturday December 17, 2016, the Sinnissippi Tuath Grove, ADF, will celebrate the Winter Solstice with a public Yule Rite, honoring Norse hearth culture and traditions. All are welcome to come!


Last Year’s Omen

This will be our second annual ADF style Yule rite, and once again we’re celebrating in Heathen Style! Last year’s rite was a big event – probably the largest sumbel this area has ever seen. The structure this year will be more traditionally “ADF style” with elements of the core order that many will recognize from the Grove’s other events – but still quite Heathen.

Songs will be sung, bells will be rung, and there will be a time during the ritual for all in attendance to make a praise offering to whatever gods or goddesses they desire. Please consider bringing an offering of barley, incense, oil, or performance – within reason for a large group.

We respectfully request that any songs or recitations be kept short enough to allow for all participants to have time to make their offerings.

Also please note: there will be no gift exchange this year – we’re exchanging the blessings of the Shining Ones!


4:30PM – Site opens
4:45PM – Pre-Ritual Briefing
5:00PM – Yule Ritual, done in an ADF Heathen style
6:30PM – Tear down and load out
7:00PM – Site Close
7:15PM – Potluck Feast and Party at Teach Darach (208 Oak Knolls South, Rockford)

yule rite potluck 2016 what to bringOur potluck feast will be after the celebration, at Oengus’ house (Thanks, Oengus!).

From the church, take Dawn up to E. State St, turn right. Continue on E. State St. until you cross Fairview (there is a gas station there, and across the street from it is Imperial Palace). Watch on the left – between the high rise and the church is 29th Street. Turn left there. When you get to the park (less than a block), turn right (street becomes Oak Grove). Go over the hill – at the bottom is Oak Knolls. Turn left, we are the first driveway on the left side, brown house with white garage door.

If you have a dish that you would like to leave at the potluck location, you can drop it off before you go to the church that day.


Need Directions To The Yule Rite?

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