Sinnissippi Tuath Grove

To everything….


…there is a season…

There are many things happening with our little group now.

We are currently without a treasurer, a position that has been moved around quite a lot. As a result, we are unable to maintain our status as an ADF grove for now.  I have petitioned the Grove Organizing Committee chair to allow us to revert to a Protogrove for now, as we begin the task of regrowing our grove.  These things happen in the life of a group: people come and go, membership grows and shrinks, and change happens.  We grew pretty quickly for a grove – but people move, or move on in their practice.  We will be a grove again, it will just take time.

We have started having meetings again. The next one is August 26 at Teach Darach (Oak House), 208 Oak Knolls S, Rockford, IL.  Start time is 3:00 PM.  We will have a meeting, a potluck (cold supper – sandwiches, chips, dips, salads, etc. And cake). Then we will do ritual skills, including a full moon rite.  It will be Core Order, so we will be practicing all of the steps.

The cold times are coming.  There are lots of things we can do together as a group – outings to apple orchards (a favorite of mine), parties, Midnight Margaritas, cider or mead making, movie nights, lots of different things.  We are a tribe, a Tuath, and these things are good for us.

We are now collecting money for tree planting. At every gathering we will have the box that was made for us, so please consider throwing a buck or two in the box so we can plant more trees.

That is all for now.  Watch for more soon – Equinox is coming, and the Feast of Age along with it.


Oengus Sea-Eagle

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