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Autumnal Equinox 2018 September 22

Upcoming Celebration: The Feast of Age

On September 22, 2018 (Saturday) the Sinnissippi Tuath will mark the Autumnal Equinox with a celebration called the Feast of Age. The Feast of Age is based on a story from Lady Gregory’s “Gods and Fighting Men”, a rendering of the Irish myths. The story is, after the Tuatha de Danaan were defeated by the Milesians, that they all gathered at the Brugh na Boinne. There Manannan MacLir founded the sidhe mounds and raised the Faeth Fiadha, the cloak of concealment, a mist that protected the mounds from encroachment. Effectively they were moved into the Otherworld, Tir na nOg. As a celebration Manannan MacLir and Goibhniu the Smith established a feast, the Feast of Age. There the magical swineherds of Manannan would provide the meat, and Goibhniu provided a special ale that he brewed, the Ale of Immortality.

At this Feast it was said that the Gods would renew their power for another year. We celebrate it with a feast as part of the rite. A ham or pork butt is laid forth, and ale is provided, as well as the Mead of Inspiration. It is a big potluck dinner, with wonderful company and conversation, and good times for all!

Start thinking now about what you would like to contribute. And please let us know via our Facebook page if you plan to attend, so people can plan ahead.
The Gathering will begin at 3:00Pm, ritual at 4:00pm, with the Feast as part of the rite. We will have fun and good times until we fun ourselves out. There will be a fire, weather permitting.

Sinnissippi Tuath welcomes everyone to our rites. The Nemeton is a place of peace – leave drama at home.

What to bring?
If you were born between:                      Bring:
December 22 – March 21                       Hot side dishes
March 22 – June 21                                Salads
June 22 – September 21                        Appetizers (cheeses, veggie tray, etc.)
September 22 – December 21               Desserts

Please label dishes so folks with food sensitivities can be aware. Thanks!

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