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Samhain – Summer’s End

Samhain -The end of the Year, and the beginning of the Dark Time

Happy October, everyone!

We have come through the summer, and the time of uncertainty. Our Grove is stronger, and growing. We have new people coming to rites, and a full complement of officers. We aren’t there yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe it’s a train……

The Feast of Age was fun, although we did get a bit of a late start. But we ate, and enjoyed each other’s company, and it felt good to have a celebration again! So next up on the docket is Samhain, the Feast of the Dead and the end of the harvest. At Samhain we honor those who have gone before, and celebrate the
successful completion of our year.

But Samhain is also a celebration of family, and of abundance. The harvest is in, and the herds are ready for culling. Everyone gets together to feast and work together, to ready ourselves for the dark times to come.

At Samhain, we honor the Dark Mother, An Morrighan, the Washer at the Ford, Goddess of Death and the Hunter of Souls. We also honor Donn, First to Die and God of the Dead, Master of Tech Duinn, the House of the Dead in the West.
During the rite, we will have time for people to make offerings to (a) beloved Ancestor(s), and to tell about them. For this reason, Samhain rites tend to be longer than normal. I recommend bringing a chair that is comfortable.

The current plan is to have Samhin at Teach Darach (Oak House), 208 Oak Knolls S.,Rockford, IL on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Gather at 4:00 PM for fellowship. Pre-ritual Briefing at 5, ritual start at 6. After ritual we will feast and enjoy each other’s company.

If weather permits we will be outside, if not we will be inside as we have in the past. Feel free to dress in costume if you wish. Bring a small offering for an ancestor if you feel so inclined.

Food: We will stir up a cauldron full of chili. Dinner is potluck.

If you were born between:                                          Bring:
Sept. 21 and Dec. 20                                                   hot sides
Dec. 21 and Mar 20                                                     bread/cornbread/rolls/tortilla chips
Mar 21 to June 20                                                        Salads (cold)
June21 to Sep 20                                                         Dessert

We look forward to seeing you!

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