Sinnissippi Tuath Grove


Our mission is this:

“To establish a Druid presence within the Pagan community in Rockford IL, and offer ritual, learning opportunities, and public worship to the community.”

Hail & Welcome!

Sinnissippi-Tuath-GroveIf you’re interested in developing a personal practice of Neo Druidry, you have found the right place!

Together, we are building a community focused on studying the dedicant’s path of ADF and finding fellowship with the pagans, druids and heathens of Northern Illinois.

We also celebrate 8 public high days a year following the ADF core order of ritual.

The History of The Sinnissippi Tuath Grove

The Sinnissippi Tuath Grove was founded in February of 2011. It was our founders’ hope to find any members of the local pagan community who were interested in studying the Druid path.

Over time, members came by way of our public rites and community events. We became an ADF recognized Protogrove in October of 2012. With our original 5 members we began holding 8 public high days per year, as well as regular monthly business meetings.


As of December 2015, we have been granted ADF Grove status and have grown our membership gradually ever since. If you’re interested in attending our meetings or events, please use the Contact tab above, or visit the Sinnissippi Tuath Facebook page.

Thank you for coming, and Blessed be your journey!

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