Sinnissippi Tuath Grove



Welcome to the first post on our blog.  This is the blog of the Sinnissippi Tuath Grove, ADF. We are based in the Northern Illinois area, specifically in Rockford, IL.  There are 9 full members, and a number of Friends of the Grove, such that most of our celebrations are attracting between 20 and 50 participants and guests.

Our initial hearth culture is Irish, but we also are interested in Scottish, Hellenic, Proto-Indo European, and we have recently done Slavic.  We are also getting quite an influx of Heathen hearth culture among our newer members.

Here I will be trying to impart information about our celebrations and the backgrounds on them, as well as giving some references about deities of the occasion and other spirits we may be celebrating.

So welcome and I hope to see you back here soon.


Oengus Sea-Eagle

Senior Druid

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