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The Tree Meditation



For many years I have been using a tree meditation as part of the process of initiating the “group mind” at the beginning of my druid rituals.  This is a sung version that I learned way back at the beginning of my involvement with Druidism, in the mid-’80s.  My memory is that this was written by Karl Steinmeyer, but that may be incorrect.

The purpose of using this meditation is to take everybody who is present in the grove and guide them through a meditation as one. This forms the group into a single grove; with our minds, our bodies, and our spirits all on the same page for the work to come.

I like using this one, because it keeps the history of ADF alive. I learned this back at the very beginning of ADF, the first druid ritual I ever participated in used this meditation.

Anyway, I have had a number of folks request this, so here is an mp3 and a pdf file for the Tree Meditation from the early days of ADF.


ADF Tree Meditation

Here is the link to the PDF of the words to The Tree Meditation.


There you have it.  Straightforward, simple, and easy to do, but very powerful – and a link back to the original days of ADF.



Oengus Sea Eagle.

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