Sinnissippi Tuath Grove

Sinnissippi Tuath Grove, ADF presents 7th Annual Lughnasadh Festival

On Saturday, July 29th, 2017, the Sinnissippi Tuath Grove, ADF invites one and all to the 7th Annual Lughnasadh Festival and Celebration. The celebration will be at Espenscheid Memorial Forest Preserve, 4800 South Perryville Rd., Cherry Valley, IL (about a mile south of Harrison Av, on the left).

Site opens at 9:00AM with an opening blessing, then at 10:00AM competitions will start. We will break for lunch and relaxation about noon or 1, and Lughnasadh Rite will be at 3:00PM. Please bring your own lunch. The site will close at 5:00 PM with a closing blessing, and then we will go on to Oengus’ house

Unlike last year, we will not be doing a cook out at the site.  Instead, we will have a cookout at Oengus’ home (Teach Darach, 208 Oak Knolls South, Rockford).  Please bring a dish to share, something to drink, and maybe a chair. We will do some kind of meat dish – please help by making a donation to the grove. If you wish, you may drop off your dish at Teach Darach before coming out to the site.

A reminder: This is late July, it is likely to be very hot, please dress accordingly and make sure to stay hydrated, and have a hat and/or sunscreen to protect your self from the heat and sun.

Our Dieties of the Occasion are Lugh and the Morrigan. Lugh is the Samhildanach, the All Skilled, a leader of the Tuatha De Danaan, who slew Balor of the Evil Eye and freed the Tuatha De’ the oppression of the Fomhoire. Lugh later became High King, and ruled over a prosperous Ireland. He was the father of Setanta, who became Cuchullain, Ireland’s greatest hero.

The Morrigan is the Goddess of War, the Washer at the Ford, a Goddess of Sovereignty.  She is a protector and destroyer, and she gathers the souls of the slain to guide them to Manannan’s Coracle, for their trip to the House of the Dead, and then to Tir na ‘Nog, the Land of the Young

Time will be made available during the Rite for each person to make offerings to Lugh, the Morrigan, or any other Gods or Goddesses as called.

We welcome everyone to our celebration, and look forward to seeing you there!

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